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The Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinów and its Branch Offices in Poznań, Kraków and Radom, started its activity on 1st January 2005, formerly The National Advisory Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development /  established by the Act of 22 October, 2004 on agricultural advisory bodies/  has under its control  the whole country and reports directly to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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The major tasks of the Agricultural Advisory Centre include the  improvement of the level of agricultural incomes, enhancement market competitiveness of agricultural holdings,  supporting rural sustainable development and improvement of vocational skills of agricultural farmers and other rural inhabitants.


Implementation of Centre tasks is designed to:

  • prepare and implement the uniform policies of the agricultural advisory centres within the scope of  their tasks;
  • prepare  and distribute the training materials to the advisory centres;
  • elaborate the analysis and prognosis within the scope of advisory centres;
  • organize  the training courses for advisory centres staff;
  • introduce the training courses for agricultural school teachers within the scope of  rural sustainable development;
  • establish  and administer the information system and data bases for the agricultural advisory centres;
  • organize the training courses, presentations, seminars, conferences and other projects within the scope of agricultural and rural development and organic farming;
  • coordinate  the tasks performed by the advisory centres within the scope of organic farming;
  • disseminate the scientific research results into agricultural practice.


The Agricultural Advisory Centre cooperates closely with the government administration institutions and the local self-government bodies, farmers , research organizations, agriculture advisory centres and other organizations and institutions working for the benefit of the agricultural and rural development.

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